Keep track of your SVN commits in Jira Cloud

Display changes of your commits in your Jira Cloud tickets

For successful projects, it's crucial to have easy access to all adjustments made in the project's source code and make them visible. The SVN-Connector for Jira aids in tracking the latest system changes.

Track all SVN commits in Jira directly associated with a specific ticket and review adjustment details in your SVN viewer.

At a glance

  • Easy activation

  • Compact overview

Why use the SVN-Connector for Jira?

The SVN-Connector for Jira allows monitoring any of your SVN repositories using a script, whether it's a cloud-hosted SVN project or an internally hosted Subversion installation.

Installation guide

Step 1: Install the App in Jira Cloud

  1. Go to the Atlassian Marketplace download page for "SVN-Jira Connector".
  2. Click "Try it free" to include the app in your Jira Cloud instance.
  3. Choose the relevant Jira instance and confirm the app installation.
  4. Follow the prompts to grant the necessary permissions.

Step 2: Install SVN-Connector for Jira script

  1. Download the script perspeqtive-svn-connector-for-jira.phar.
  2. Ensure that PHP 8.2 with the curl extension is installed on your system.
  3. Confirm the SVN client is callable from the command line.
  4. Execute the script in the command line.

For a detailed guide on configuring the connector, please refer to this page.

Feedback and support

  • For inquiries regarding usage or assistance with configuration, please contact the app provider through the support options available on the Marketplace.
  • Feedback, suggestions, or issues can be reported directly on the Marketplace or through the provider's support channels.